Hi, my name is Jang Haemin.

I mostly spend time designing, developing and surfing the web while listening to Apple Music or watching Netflix. Endless learning keeps me alive and never hangs me down to the past.

For me, programming isn’t just about writing great codes, but one of the ways express myself and improve our lives.

I love my family, friends and Seoul.

Jang Haemin PortraitJang Haemin Woowacon
Photo by 김명중


Woowa Brothers Corp.

2020 – current

Woowahan Tech Camp 3rd

Summer 2020

Carmore (TeamO2) Internship

Summer 2019


Chung-Ang University

Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science

2015 – 2021

Purdue University

K-SW Square Winter Program

Winter 2020



Create a website without writing codes. Developed at Woowa Brothers Corp.